Auntie Mary and the Carrots

There are Two Sorts of People in the World
THERE ARE TWO SORTS OF PEOPLE in the world, those with too much to do and those with too little to do. We are people of the too-much group, we always have been. We aren’t complaining about this, far from it, we think it a privilege to be that way. Auntie Mary, on the other hand, is and always has been someone with of the other type; someone with too little to do. Auntie Mary comes to stay with us.
‘You're working too hard’, she tells us, ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’.
‘Well, this morning we have to devise a marketing strategy for our autumn promotion’.
‘I’m not sure I know how to help you there’.
‘Then there are the accounts receipts to be entered into the computer, enquiry calls to be sent a brochure and tariff, the housekeeper’s pay to be calculated, the accountant to be phoned about the latest tax demand, menus to be devised for the coming week, an advertisement for cleaning help to be drafted, the latest communication from the Tourist Board to be read and we are desperate for some time to sit down and analyse how much we paid for ads in the classified sections of publications last year and whether it produced any results. And someone has to prepare the carrots for the chef.’
‘I can chop the carrots’.
Ten minutes later the carrots are all ready, and Auntie Mary has time on her hands again. But then Auntie Mary is one of the people with too little to do.

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